This page is incomplete. More information will be added soon 🙂

Custom logo

A custom logo can be added in the customizer in the Site Identity panel.

The logo will be displayed both in the header and the footer.

The logo is retina ready by default.

Display Site title and tagline

The site title is shown both in the footer and in the header. If you have added a logo, the logo will show instead of the title in the footer.

In the customizer under the Site Identity panel, you can choose to hide the site title and tagline.

If you only want to hide the tagline, you can leave the text field empty.

Header menu

The theme has one menu, located in the header.

On smaller screens, the menu can be opened with a button. Submenu items are always visible when the mobile version of the menu is opened.

You will be able to add more menus in the footer, using widgets.


When you set a static page as the homepage, the page title is not visible.


You can select if you want the blog to show excerpts or the full post content. -Archives and search results always show the excerpt.

Color options

The customizer has a background color option with a selection of colors , but you can pick any color that you want.

The text color is changed automatically.

View the color palette here

Footer widget area

Twenty Twenty-One has one widget area in the footer of the website.

The widgets are displayed in 3 columns, or one column on small screens.

Featured images

Featured images can be added to posts or pages.

Customize Styles